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Pomme de Pain is an international French bakery-café with two outlets in Dubai – at City Walk, and La Mer in Jumeirah 1. We have expanded the traditional French menu to cater to the cosmopolitan tastes of our Dubai patrons. Dine-in, take-away or catering, we have something for everyone


At Pomme de Pain, we are loyal to our French food heritage, and you can read our history below. But first a few words about us.

When we introduced Pomme de Pain to Dubai in 2017, we chose City Walk with its sidewalk cafés and hustle and bustle mirroring the finer streets of Europe. Paris is known for its café culture, and we are committed to recreating the authentic atmosphere right here. We offer super-friendly service with meticulous attention to  detail, but most of all we let our food shine by choosing the freshest ingredients, and preparing them using French culinary skills handed down through generations.

Our newest venue at La Mer offers the same standards, but with a beach vibe. We like to think of this exciting beach front property as the French Riviera to City Walk’s Paris. We will continue to innovate our offering, while retaining the essential French focus on fine food. Our future also includes expanding our network. We are working on rolling out 10 new restaurants in the UAE and further afield by 2022.

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pomme de pain

It all began with three Frenchmen visiting the United States. Laurent Caraux, Bernard Vaillant and Pierre Truchet were fascinated by the American concept of fast food, and decided to introduce it to Paris, but with the culinary know-how of the French – fast fine food, if you like. They named their venture Pomme de Pain, which as a whole translates as ‘pineapple’, hence the original logo. (Our new logo is more of the ‘pain’ or ‘bread’ in pomme de pain!)

The first outlet opened in 1980 at 76 rue de Rivoli in Paris, in a very appropriate of venue – the former home of the famous Hôtel de ville Bakery. The convenient food on offer was gourmet sandwiches, and the concept was instantly popular. In the years that followed, branches popped up in the trendy neighbourhoods of Garnier Opera, Lyons and the Champs Élysée.

1995 saw the company joining Elior’s commercial catering division and expanding into motorway, air and rail networks. In the same year, the Aubépain brand joined the group, followed in 1996 by 15 Sandwich Station. Gradually, these restaurant chains all took on the name and identity of Pomme de Pain. In 2004, another sea change saw Finama purchase the brand and become its largest shareholder. The subsequent years saw boutique sandwich kiosks and sandwich cafes open, plus and expansion into the rest of the world. Which brings us back to Pomme de Pain, proudly serving Dubai in City Walk and La Mer…